"Shogi" (将棋) is a two-player strategy board game similar to chess and is popular in Japan.  As in the chess world, computer programs become very strong and some software installed on a commonplace PC can beat professional human players. In this site, I publish my study of ELO rating of free (open source) shogi enginesThe engines shown in the table are available from the links for free. I wrote a short instruction to set-up shogi programs in blog page (updated May 11, 2018). Installation instruction of YaneuraOu with third-party evaluation file is explained here. ​ (updated May 2019)

From September 2018, Qhapaq succeeded the data and computing script in his site.  Please refer it for the rating of new engines in the future.  This site will be kept as an archive.  Please follow CC-BY license to all the data and article in this site.


Testing conditions

Time control:  5 seconds for each ply on Intel Core i7-6700 using four threads. We use YaneuraOu 4.79 as a benchmark to determine equivalent time control for other CPUs. For GPU programs, 10 seconds on NVidia GTX-1050Ti.  We use PassMark as a GPU benchmark.

Interface programs: ShogiGUI or Shogidokoro

Ponder: off, Hash: 1GB,  Initial Book: off

Resign value: 3000 (30 centipawns) if both engines support it.

Draw: 3-fold repetition or 256 plies


Current data (05/09/18) and python2 script of rating computing can be downloaded from this link, which is published under Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY).


Plug-in modules: Some software require third-party components such as evaluation files, initial book or sometimes engine itself! We use / (slash) to express the combination which we use. Plug-in modules in the list are (engine)YO: YaneuraOu, SM: Silent Majority (evaluation file) U: Ukamuse, A26: Apery wcsc26, At: Apery_twig, Y: Yaneuraou(=Ukamuse), (initial book) M: Mafu book.


To compare with human players, a rough estimate is

beginner ~ R700 ~ normal amateur (kyu)~ R1500 ~ strong amateur (dan) ~ R2000 ~ top amateur ~ R2600~ professional~ R3200~ nonhuman 

See also the comparison with 81 dojo rating.

Estimated ELO rating Set Apery_twig=3250