Comparison with 81 Dojo Rating

In my previous blog article, I compared the rating system in Shogiclub24 and software rating which I am studying. It is based on the direct participation of 8 softwares with known software ratings (Kaitei wcsc27, Kaitei sdt5, Lv1a, Lv1, Lv2a, Lv2, Lv3a, Lv3) to Shogiclub 24 by using automatic play system ("Katsudon-bo") developed by Koji Matsumoto. Each software played 200-300 games and its 24rating is fixed. We found a linear formula

(24Rating)=1.41 (software rating)- 567

fits rather well. This formula should work in the range R200-R2700 in Shogiclub 24 rating system.

Since many international players use 81Dojo instead of Shogiclub24, it may be useful to provide a rough estimate of Dan/Kyu in 81 Dojo with software rating. It is based on the comparizon between shogiclub 24 and 81 dojo. (I thank @kevinmmlin for the information) One can guess the threshold between each Dan/Kyu in 24 rating and calculate corresponding software rating in my table.

The correpondence between Shogiclub 24 was made by hayazashi (30 seconds for each move) setting. If you use more thinking time, you have to add 100-200 to the software rating. Here Gikou2 D3 means Gikou2 with restriction of Depth parameter set to 3 in USI setting menu.

Link to software: (it should be used with interface program such as Shogidokoro, or ShogiGUI.

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